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When you sign up you get your own business address book for Plymouth, MI capable of storing information for any restaurant, shop, hair salon, or any other business found on the site. Also, when those businesses you have selected get involved with you will be able to view specials, sales, or events that those companies have posted, and, you will be able to rate those businesses. It's very easy to use this site. If you perform a search for anything you will see a link below the business that will add that business to your address book. If you have a suggestion that would make it easier to use, you are always welcome to let me know.

So, once I sign up, you'll flood my email box with advertisements, right? will not send you any emails unless you request a response to a question. None of the businesses that register with have access to your information.

What's the catch?

Search for Seafood under the Dining Section.

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